Business Blogging Builds a Following

Most business owners still think that their website is the best way to promote a business online. But that isn't necessarily so.

In the first place, there are many websites on page one of any search engine. This means that people who click over to a site are generally going to check out more than one website. They will also only spend on average two minutes or less to decide whether your site is of interest to them. People who read a blog spend five minutes or more perusing your story. They are also more likely to regard the blog's author as an authority figure. Last but not least, you can sell to prospects from your blog if you know how.

Blogs Tell Your Story

Even if you write the best blog on earth, if nobody reads it then all you really have is a billboard in the desert. We have developed proprietary technology that helps distribute blogs to a targeted audience. Instead of having a handful of readers, all our subscribers have thousands. A large audience allows you to register and sell your products and services to readers that know, like and trust you.


Face it, websites change little from week to week. Blogs, on the other hand, keep your audience up to date with the latest trends and events that occur in your business and your industry. Best of all, blogs can do everything your website does, including sell your products and services.


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